This workshop will showcase the challenges raised by working on computer vision for plant phenotyping and agriculture. Workshop goals include demonstrating the state-of-the-art, identifying key unsolved problems, and introducing computer scientists with an interest in plant phenotyping to the field. Effective plant phenotyping is urgently needed to support the sustainability of our planet and its inhabitants: having strong community structures and computer vision scientists enter this field is more crucial now than ever.

The workshop will be held at ECCV 2024, the European Conference on Computer Vision, on the 29th September.


The workshop will be in Milan (Italy) at the MiCo. More information about the room and the poster session location will be announced later.

The workshop will have paper tracks and challenges. For more information on how to participate in the workshop, please refer to the Call for Paper and Challenges pages.

Paper Submission on CMT

Previous Editions

This workshop was previously known as CVPPP, Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping.